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Falls Bridge Candles has a strict, but fair return/refund policy. 

Since our products are made to order, we do not accept returns or offer refunds for products unless certain criteria is met, and the issue falls in one of the two categories below:

  • The item you ordered was damaged during shipping  or


  • ​The actual item received is other than what the customer originally ordered, and the error is on our end.  (i.e., wrong product, wrong size, wrong scent)



If your item(s) arrived damaged, Contact us immediately.  We will send you a Damaged Item Claim Form that will need to be completed and returned to us.


Along with the Damaged Item Claim Form, you will need to submit images of the damaged item(s), including the shipping box, packaging, packing material, shipping label, etc..  A complete list of image requirements will be sent to you.  


Once all the required documentation is received by us, your refund will be processed.  


The information listed above is needed for us to file a claim with the shipping company to recoup costs.  

Wrong Item Shipped:  If we shipped you the incorrect item, please contact us immediately.  You will need to email us a photo of the item you received in error.  We will promptly issue a refund.

Package Not Received:   If for some reason you did not receive your item, notify the carrier immediately.  When a tracking number inquiry indicates the item has been "delivered" by the carrier, Falls Bridge Candles is no longer responsible for your package/item.   


We have done our due diligence in getting the item you purchased to you, and we are no longer liable for that item once we receive notification/confirmation that it reached it's destination.  We are not the package police, nor are we responsible for property theft, mis-shipments by the carrier,  or if another tenant, a neighbor, or a random person takes your item from your property!  We strongly suggest you notify the carrier as well the local police to report a possible theft. 

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