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Enjoy the miniature version of our full size candles.  Not sure what scent to get, these are perfect.


  • Choose from any of our 160+ fragrances
  • Dimensions:   3" h x 2.5" w x 2.5" d
  • Mini "milk jar" style, with a simple black and white label
  • Comes with a plastic snap-on lid
  • Each candle is exquisitely handcrafted, individually wicked, poured, and infused with fragrance
  • Contains no artificial dyes or colors
  • Our specially blended wax allows for stronger scented candles as well as a longer, cleaner burn
  • Products normally ship within 1-2 business days
  • Falls Bridge Candles are proudly made in America

6-Ounce Jars, Scents I-Z


Our 6-Ounce candles are perfect for sampling, and great for small areas in your house like a bathroom.   

Burn time: 32-48 hours

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