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Jar/Lid Return Rewards Program
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Jar Return Rewards Program
It's simple!   After your Falls Bridge Candle has flickered it's last flick,
and dispursed it's final billow of scent....
Why not return the empty jar?
That's right!  Return your empty Falls Bridge Candles    *  candle jar along with it's  black lid  
and  get a hole punched in your Jar/Lid return  Rewards card.    
With the return of 10   ** FBC  jars and lids,  you will receive an 8 oz. jar candle, scent of your choice,
as a Thank you from us
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Can't Find Something?
If you are looking for a particular scent we do not have listed... please let us know.  
We will be happy to make what you want, at no additional charge.  
F ine Print:  
* 1.  The candle jar and black  lid from Falls Bridge Candles (as shown below) qualifies for 1 punch per jar/lid set.  
          Only jars that are not chipped, cracked or broken will qualify,     or                                           
    2.  Two (2)  empty 8 oz., 16 oz., or 26 oz. candle jars  from another vendor will also qualify for one card-punch towards a
         free FBC candle.  Only jars that are not chipped, cracked or broken will qualify.    Limit 2 generic jar returns per day.
** The return of twenty (20)   non-FBC or generic candle jars will also qualify for a free FBC Candle.  Limit:  2 jars per day.   
No purchase necessary to receive rewards card.  
If you have any questions, please contact us.                                             
Thank you for recycling!