Are you ready for a new shopping experience, or are you ready for a new selling experience?


Are you looking to buy high quality, hand-crafted, custom made and unique items that will fit perfectly with your home decor, or are you looking to sell  high quality, hand-crafted, custom made and unique items? 

Well, you came to the right place for both!  

Falls Bridge Candles is in the process of teaming up with crafters, artisans, hobbyists and other talented individuals to give them an opportunity to showcase and sell their items someplace other than a Etsy, or overpriced Ebay. 


Crafting is NOT a cheap hobby by any means.  We do things on a small scale, and because of that, the materials we use cost more.  Unfortunately, there are so many talented individuals out there who simply can't afford to sell their products on-line or start a website. 


As a small business owner, and "hobbyist" myself, I have my own version of a Marketplace.  I believe that part-time crafters, and artisans need a platform all to themselves.  One that lets them confidently showcase and sell their unique items, while at the same time avoiding inflated listing and selling fees.

We currently do not charge our sellers listing or final value fees, unlike others, which can charge upwards of 15%. 


> Shipping charges for items is not marked up However, we do charge charge actual costs, such as payment fees  We do not allow "name brand" items on our site, we do not allow re-sale of 

This is turn gives you, our customers, an opportunity