Ask yourself:  Would a simple Post and a "Like" to Facebook be worth getting a 30% Discount? 


If you answered "Yes", GREAT!!!!,  because WE are offering you our biggest discount ever!!  You simply need to do one little thing for us, so here goes!


I am not a big social media fan.  I don't tweet, chat, twit, post, or comment too often.  I usually don't "like", "dislike", "smile", or "act surprised".  I don't bother with being "happy", "sad", "angry" or "in a relationship". 


Let's just say, I'm NOT what you would consider to be a social butterfly.  I'm more of a website designer, database creator, and lets not forget the "I make wonderful candles" kinda girl! 


That is why I need your HELP in getting the word out about Falls Bridge Candles, and our special promotion!  

Anyone can participate, and all you need to do is Post on Facebook to receive your coupon code for 30% OFF your entire order:

1.  Log in to your account, or, if you are a new customer, create an account

2.  Click the "Like" button above

3.  Next, find your favorite candle by using the "Search Box".  Go to the item page, then click the Facebook Share button in the header above.   

4.  When the item share box is opened, leave the comment "I just got 30% off at Falls Bridge Candles by posting on FB, and you can too!".  Choose the post options "News Feed", and as "Public".  Finish by clicking the Post to Facebook button.

Once your done, go to Facebook, private message Falls Bridge Candles**.  After I receive your message, and see your post I will send you your coupon code.


That's it!  Have fun shopping!

The coupon you receive is a one-time-only use, but you will get a NEW COUPON for EVERY POST you make!  Get ONE, TWO or a HUNDRED.....  Gift our awesome candles to friends, family, your kid's teacher... your wife, your neighbors wife, mother, brother, shaman, or priest.  Or simply pick a random, unsuspecting person out of the phone book!  The possibilities are endless!    

Thanks a Bunch..... 

Donna @FBC  :0-)

**If we're not already friends on FB, then just friend me!