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Cinna~Yumm Cinnamon Buns
Cinna-Yumm Buns
Indulge in the delightful aroma of our deliciously sinful "Cinna-Yumm" cinnamon bun scented candles.  
Highly scented, but Guaranteed Guilt and Calorie FREE.!   
Our Candles
Treat yourself to this wonderfully delectable dreamy candle that measures approximately   3 1/2” wide x 2" to 2 1/4” high, and topped with a layer of rich buttercream icing. 
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Cinna~Yumm Bun

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If you are looking for a particular scent we do not have listed... please let us know.  
We will be happy to make what you want, at no additional charge.  
NOTE:  Our CinnaYumm buns are made with paraffin wax, and contain small quantities of dye.
CinniMini Buns.

We shrunk down our fabulously famous CinnaYumm Buns to adorable 'bite-size' melts. Pop one right into your warmer and enjoy.  As with our bigger version, these little ones are also hand made. 
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